Yogapreneur – Bootcamp For Your Yoga Business Online Program

$33.90 Includes Tax

This 5 Module Program will walk you through the essentials for building your yoga business, piece by piece, until you reach abundance. Each week, you will receive a PDF with activities, homework and skills development to help drive your business to success.

Module 1: Why do you teach? What do you want?

Get clear on YOU as Yoga Entrepreneur

  • Coaching exercise to uncover your primary business needs
  • Figure out the 80/20 of your business
  • Set short and long term business goals
  • Build your tribe (even if they don’t know it)
  • Assessment of current online presence and brand

Module 2: Recruit Private Clients

Gain confidence in your worth and value as a private yoga teacher

  • Determine the characteristics of your dream clients
  • Secure one new private client by the end of the online program
  • Write your Elevator Pitch to recruit private clients
  • Create special private client packages, testimonials and referrals.

Module 3: Master Instagram

Embrace Ego (mindfully) and show the world how amazing you (and your services) are.

  • Learn to create an amazing profile
  • Optimize the use of hashtags for your brand
  • Discover powerful third party apps
  • Learn how to create intriguing posts with powerful calls to action
  • Increase your following, engagement and ultimately, sales.

Module 4: Website Content/Newsletters

Create a powerful and impactful website

  • Consolidate and collect e-mail addresses from students to create a powerful mailing list.
  • Determine your first six month of newsletter content and campaigns.
  • Create an opt-in on your website for your newsletter.
  • Build your dream team – staff, web writers, social media experts to help you (or you can independently craft) 6 newsletters by the end of the course.

Module 5: Retreats and Workshops/Events

Learn how to get paid to vacation mindfully

  • Get insights on what kind of workshop/retreat you realistically want to and can host
  • Learn how to legally and professionally host a retreat
  • Set up a budget for your dream yoga retreat
  • Learn the many choices you have when it comes to teaching yoga internationally

Product Description

So, you are a yoga teacher and it is way tougher than you thought. It has been a few months, maybe a few years since you joyously rolled out of your 200-hour yoga teacher training program into the beautiful world of yoga studios and students with open hearts and open arms… or not. You gained the skills to teach the physical asana, but in this business of yoga, you may not have learned a thing except for a casual remark at the end of training to “set up a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account and start teaching your friends” – sound familiar? You teach 3-10 classes each week, have a volatile and unpredictable income and it’s starting to feel like quitting time? You are not alone.

Getting rejected from yoga studios as a teacher, or being asked to attend 3-5 interviews, teach free or by-donation classes, put yourself on call 24/7 desperate to respond to that sub opportunity before the swarms of other teachers get to it first – this is the new yoga normal, especially in a city centres that are saturated with teachers. Yoga is rising in popularity every day – and why wouldn’t it be? Yoga brings order to chaos, peace to crazy, serenity to busy. But the popularization of yoga and the desire to teach (because hey, let’s be honest, it really is a dream ‘job’) means that more teachers are being pushed to the edges of society and living, shock alert, below the poverty line.

The problem? No one is talking about this. No one is doing anything about it. We are taking more and more courses and training in anatomy and asana and meditation and theory without responding to the reality that we are now business-people too. Running a business is exhausting! It is a full time job! It is a lot of work! You need to build partnerships, to build community, and to get out there. But HOW you weep (we have all done it and thought seriously about quitting teaching yoga and getting a ‘real’ job). Here is how. I got you. Welcome to entrepreneurship my friends. Welcome to Bootcamp For Your Yoga Business.

Program Testimonials

“YOU NEED THIS! Ashley’s Bootcamp for your Yoga Business is a must-have for every yoga teacher. The business of yoga is indeed, a full-time job. You need to have a plan of action, and this course offers just that. By following Ashley’s tried-and-true advice, you will watch your income grow, you will gain confidence in knowing which classes and opportunities make sense for your business, and you will be able to give more to your students. Years later, I still use many of the invaluable tools that this course teaches. If you are serious about creating a sustainable career as a yoga instructor, make this investment in your future.” – Christine Noonan @christinenoonanyoga


“Mentoring with Ashley has been an invaluable experience that has helped me grown exponentially as a yoga teacher. Her years of expertise as an instructor and mentor has allowed me to elevate my teaching and gain an immense amount of knowledge and confidence. She gives you the utmost guidance and support as her student and I’m incredibly grateful for this experience!”– Vivian Kan, Yoga Instructor


“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have mentored with Ashley. She is indeed THE person you want on your side when you’re about to embark on the new journey of teaching yoga. She is generous, candid, discerning, straightforward and operates with utmost integrity. If you want to remain in your comfort zone don’t mentor with Ashley as she will encourage you to attain greater heights by providing practical tips & solutions to help you reach your goals. This multi-faceted & multi-talented lady-boss has a wealth of experience and is an absolute gem to work with.”– Nadia Zamzul, Yoga Instructor


“Upon completion of my 200 hour training at Yyoga, I immediately enrolled myself into the Yyoga mentorship program. Without a question, I chose Ashley McEachern to be my mentor. I had been attending Ashley’s classes for two years and have never felt a deeper pull towards a teacher of such wisdom, compassion & individuality. Ashley very quickly became someone that I could count on for any unanswered questions. She provided me with a space to play; to be curious, to explore and to discover myself as the teacher that I have now become. Above all, Ashley was attentive. She provided me with homework and weekly follow ups that kept me engaged throughout a very busy lifestyle. Ashley has exceeded my greatest expectations for both a mentor and a friend. From head to toe, top to bottom, Ashley’s light has deepened my passion for teaching. I am extremely grateful to have met such an influential soul.” – Tori Lovegrove, Founder


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