Yinning At Life: 10 Life Changing Benefits of Yin Yoga

Do you ever feel like you are starting to spin out of control? Possessed by seemingly endless to-do lists, responsibilities and chores. Has busy become your norm because we live in the fast lane and are blinded by more stimulation than we have ever seen before.

Downtown condo dwellers may go months without being in absolute darkness or seeing the stars in their full glory. Working families struggle to balance the pressures of a 24/7 connection to jobs and technology with their beloved screaming kids. Single scenesters stay up late in bed rummaging through tinder profiles in search of ‘the one’.

We have transformed the way we live and it’s not surprising that increased levels of anxiety, stress and stimulation are keeping us on edge all day and awake all night. That’s why it’s time to shake things up with a new approach to yoga, beginning with a little bit of mindfulness, a whole lot of stillness and loads of self-loving. I recently joined with Saje Yoga and Y-YOGA to offer a weekly yin yoga with aromatherapy class to my yoga students that is a powerful practice to help us all relax, rejuvenate and reconnect to our true selves. read more…

How to Elevate Your Yoga Practice Essential oils and Aromatherapy – Saje Wellness


Yoga can be one of the most powerful and transformational practices you can gift your body and mind with. The simple act of moving in unison with your breath, disconnecting from technology and of looking inward for an hour each day acts like a natural medicine to help you increase mental awareness and focus, process deep emotions and gain physical strength and endurance. The benefits of practice can be heightened by the use of aromatherapy and essential oils during yoga.

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A Yogi In Vegas – YYOGA Guest Blog


A Yogi in Vegas

The invitation to spend an entire week in Las Vegas teaching yoga to poker players at the World Series of Poker was perhaps my most challenging feat I had faced as a yoga teacher thus far. I have taught yoga in the 45-degree dust storms at Burning Man. I have sat for 10 days of silent meditation at Vipassana. I have taught yoga in foreign languages and across foreign lands. But was I capable of preserving my lightness and my lessons in a city defined by sex, drugs and gambling? Could experiential wisdom and a genuine desire to help others surpass the inevitable emotional roller coaster of the World Series of Poker and bypass the sexualization of everything, including myself, as a rare woman here at the Rio? Could yoga actually help a culture in Vegas that is often intoxicated with liquor or drugs? Was insight yoga really welcome in this place? Despite it being so bright and full of light, there is an awfully alluring dark side to Las Vegas.

I had no choice but to find out for myself.


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