Airplane Yoga – For My Wanderlust Friends

Airplane Yoga – For My Wanderlust Friends

Once upon a time, I had this grand dream that I could record a cheeky (but functional) series of airplane yoga videos on a flight, send it to the Presidents of Air Canada and Westjet, and be hired to film an in-flight yoga program. It almost worked, except after 3 minutes I was shut down by the flight attendant for illegally filming on an airplane.

Don’t worry, the few stretches I did manage to record, despite the low quality of my one-shot only video take, really will help ease your neck, shoulder and back pain on your flight. And yes, the man next to me completely gave me permission to film him (a fellow entrepreneur, he also helped me scheme my letter to Air Canada).

I travel at least 10 times every year, and have for 10 + years, and I always do these stretches on my flights (and take my yoga mat for my layovers). The strange looks from the people around me are well-worth the incredible feeling post-flight. Happy travels my friends.

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