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Shut Up And Meditate

Mother thinks I have gone absolutely mad…again. Off gallivanting in hopes of discovering the meaning of life, my purpose… again. “Poor thing”, echoes my older, more responsible and rational sister, “she is just… Continue reading

Bare All: Life Overhaul

Sometimes in life, in the darkest of our days, we stumble upon a light so bright that everything that has past, all the suffering that has been felt and the hope lost is… Continue reading

David And Manny

David And Manny. He digs big-assed babes from the 1970s and wears his hair long to disguise his the decade late that he was born. It was that long hair and flawless confidence… Continue reading

Earplugs and Milkcartons

A little boy reached for the lifejackets meticulously placed on the roof of this human herding mobile. His four brothers and two sisters screamed louder than the brash yip of the three month… Continue reading

Wanted: Sasquatch Researcher

Forty acres of poorly manicured farmland and poorer manicured aunts – my entire extended family co-existed here. My grandparents had built their beautiful country home and severed off the extra land to each… Continue reading

Essential India: A Yoga Journey

Essential India: A Yoga Journey.

Mayan Beauty

It triggered memories of villages visited hand in hand with Latin lovers sneaking away from corrupted states and laying upon the damp earth soaking up another affair if we dare to challenge history… Continue reading

How Did I End Up In… Bellingham?

“Walk four blocks down the road then left. There is an underground art studio upstairs with three trees inside of it. They are big trees… you can’t miss it”. These were the directions… Continue reading